A Diverse Perspective on Walgreens: Kermit Crawford

Kermit Crawford

Kermit Crawford, Walgreens Executive Vice President, Pharmacy

Walgreens Executive Vice President,

"Just as our country has changed a great deal since Walgreen Co. was founded in 1901, so has our company."

"Bringing diverse perspectives together makes us a better company. Our adaptability, change management and customer focus are critical to our success. Diverse ideas and perspectives impact all of the above. At the beginning of my career with Walgreens in Store Operations, I was fortunate to work with a manager who understood the need for a diverse work force and emphasized the need to have a variety of perspectives. As a result, this is a value I practice in my leadership.

"My personal and professional experience has shown that tolerance, respect and simply listening to different perspectives helps everyone better understand different viewpoints and opinions. Often times this understanding allows us to see things in a different way, which generates ideas and a better way of doing things."