Walgreens Recruiting Partners

Recruiting Partnerships InRoads


Walgreens relationship with InRoads began in 2001 when we sponsored several students for summer internships in our Market Planning & Research, Information Technology, Purchasing, and Tax departments. In 2005, we expanded our partnership and now offer retail internships at our stores in eight markets including: St. Louis, Baltimore, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati. Today, we continue to support our relationship with InRoads and employ students for 4-year internships at our corporate offices, retail stores, WHS and distribution centers.

InRoads is the nation's largest non-profit source of salaried corporate internships for high performing African American, Latino, and American Indian college students. Since 1970, InRoads has helped more than 38,000 of these students develop leadership skills and competencies to be successful in careers in business and industry. For the past 10 years, the Princeton Review has consistently named InRoads one of "America's Top 10 Internships."

Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement


Walgreens partnership with HACE includes an annual commitment to participate as a corporate member. We've conducted numerous successful on-site open houses at our corporate offices for hundreds of HACE members. We also participate in annual conferences, career fairs and post Walgreen career opportunities on hace.org.

Founded in 1982, the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement is a leading national non-profit organization dedicated to building Latino careers through leadership and career development of Latino students and experienced professionals and recruitment programs for the acquisition of this talent by leading corporations, the government and other institutional employers.



In February 2005, Walgreens became one of 13 companies to join the AARP's National Employer Team. Walgreens' AARP program promotes employment opportunities to workers age 50 by connecting them to employers who value the skills and abilities of mature workers.

National Urban League

National Urban League

Walgreens has participated in the NUL's National Convention & Job Fair for over 10 years. In an effort to expand our relationship with the NUL, we served as an exhibitor and recruiter at this year's convention. Our 'Wellness Bus' was also on display at this year's convention. This led to a full-scale launch of our Wellness Tour with the NUL and select affiliates this year. Walgreens has an on-going affiliation with the NUL and partners locally to attend job fairs and work with local chapters in many of our major markets.

The National Urban League is the nation's oldest and largest community-based movement empowering African Americans to enter the economic and social mainstream. The mission of the National Urban League (NUL) movement is to enable African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights.

National Black MBA Association

National Black MBA Association

Since 2003, Walgreens has recruited at the National Black MBA Association, Inc.'s annual conference and will be present at this year's conference held September 21-25 in Los Angeles, CA.

The NBMBAA is a nonprofit organization that continually strives for educational and economic growth for the African-American community, while promoting personal and professional development of its members. The NBMBAA has more than 8,000 members and represents more than 95,000 MBA graduates.

State of Illinois - Department of Human Services

State of Illinois - Department of Human Services

Several years ago, Walgreens entered a Corporate Partnership with IL-DHS. DHS has worked with district managers, store managers, training supervisors and corporate personnel from Walgreen offices in Illinois. We have also conducted on-site interview sessions for job-seekers at DHS offices in Illinois, which have resulted in retail store hires. Walgreens has received IL-DHS's Secretary's Award for our employment efforts of people with disabilities.

The State of Illinois - Department of Human Services (IL - DHS) specializes in services such as employment, for people with disabilities. IL - DHS has over 45 offices across the State of Illinois that provide free candidate screening, job posting services and consultation related to the employment of people with disabilities.

Partnership for Youth Success

We partner with the U.S. Army through our participation in PaYS (Partnership for Youth Success). As the Army recruits soldiers, they identify qualified applicants who are interested in short-term military careers with a plan of returning to jobs in the civilian community. Walgreens interviews soldiers who apply for a position with the company through this program.

The Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) is a recruiting initiative developed by the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) to appeal to young people interested in obtaining a quality civilian job after serving in the Army. This unique program is part of the Army's effort to partner with America's business community and reconnect America with the Army.

Students in Free Enterprise

Walgreens has partnered with Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) since 1996. The company is a major supporter of SIFE and a major believer in SIFE Students. We firmly believe college and university students actively involved in SIFE Teams gain skills necessary to attain and retain careers in the real world- while making a difference in other people's lives. Walgreens actively participates in the regional and national SIFE conferences, and acts as the exclusive sponsor for SIFE's fall team training conferences.

SIFE is an organization composed of university students, faculty advisors, and business advisors. The purpose of SIFE is to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. SIFE prepares participating students to become business leaders while maintaining the highest level of social responsibility. The SIFE motto is "A head for business. A heart for the world." SIFE partners with more than 1,300 universities in over 40 countries and has a network of more than 30,000 university students worldwide.

National Society of Hispanic MBAs

Walgreens has partnered with the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) since 2006 and will be attending this year's national conference in Chicago on October 21-23.

The National Society of Hispanic MBAs is recognized as the nation's most prestigious Hispanic organization promoting higher education, NSHMBA serves 32 chapters and has over 7,000 members in the US and Puerto Rico.