Diversity Donations to Pharmacy Schools

Walgreens Helps Develop Future Pharmacists

Diversity donations to pharmacy schools

Walgreens has donated more than $1 Million each year since 2008 to accredited pharmacy schools around the country to help support diversity initiatives. With these donations, Walgreens hopes to encourage more students to consider becoming a health professional on the frontline of care

Only 11 percent of students pursuing pharmacy degrees are from minority groups.

  • As the nation's largest drugstore chain, Walgreens is dedicated to customers and their diverse health and wellness needs
  • Nearly 20 percent of Walgreens stores have at least one bilingual pharmacist and that continues to grow every year.
  • Nearly 4 million customers use the prescription label service that translates patient directions into any of 14 languages other than English.
  • Walgreens Dial-A-Pharmacist program allows staff to search Walgreens pharmacies nationwide for on-duty pharmacists fluent in the patient's language so they can speak with them on the phone.