Pharmacy Services

Get, stay and live well with these Walgreens pharmacy products & services.
We work hard to keep you happy and healthy with affordable prescriptions, convenient services like online refills, and our expert pharmacists just around the corner.
Pharmacist Expertise

Pharmacist Expertise

  • Immunizations
    Walgreens immunization-trained pharmacists administer a wide range of CDC-recommended vaccinations for children, adults and seniors.
  • Health Tests
    Specially-trained pharmacists offer convenient health tests at select Walgreens pharmacies, including ones for cholesterol, diabetes, body composition and more.
  • Medicare Resources
    Our pharmacy experts are here to help you navigate your Medicare benefits to ensure you have the medication & supplies you need to stay well.
    • Find A Pharmacist
      Locate a pharmacist with the language fluencies and certifications to meet your healthcare needs.
    • Comprehensive Medical Review
      Your neighborhood Walgreens pharmacist will evaluate your prescription and medical history to ensure your medications are right for you.
    • Medication Compounding
      Specially-trained pharmacists at all locations can modify medication dosages or customize the way medication is taken. Find more complex medication compounding services at over 750 Walgreens pharmacies.
    • Seniors Health Services
      We help seniors get, stay and live well with specialized services like caregiver support, Medicare resources, diabetes testing and supplies, plus exclusive benefits for AARP members and more.
    • 10-Point Safeguard Check
      Our pharmacists check every new prescription for unsafe interactions with current Walgreens prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and allergies you've told us about.
    • Caregiver Support
      We provide services, products, health information and resources to help you care for your loved ones.
    • Nebulizers
      We carry nebulizer machines for use with aerosol medications. Our pharmacists provide training on how to use them properly to optimize your treatment.
    • Specialty Pharmacy
      Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy provides specialized medication for chronic, complex, genetic and rare health conditions plus access to pharmacists and pharmacy staff 24/7.
    • Infusion Services
      Our experienced infusion nurses provide therapy in the comfort of your home or at one of our convenient infusion centers.
    • HIV-Specialized Network
      Over 600 HIV-specialized pharmacies are home to pharmacists who can help with HIV -medication questions, HIV-testing information, financial assistance for prescriptions, and more.
    • Hepatitis Services
      We have specialty-trained pharmacists who can help provide hepatitis vaccinations and answer questions on Hepatitis testing, prescriptions, financial assistance and more.
    • Ask a Pharmacist
      Get answers from our pharmacists on commonly asked healthcare and medication questions.
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  • 24-Hour and Drive-Thru Pharmacies
    With the most drive-thru and 24-hour pharmacies in America, locate one of our nearly 8,000 pharmacies to fit your needs.
  • Appointment Scheduler
    Set up an appointment online to get immunizations, health tests, and comprehensive medication reviews at select Walgreens locations.
  • Medication Convenience Services
    Get easy open caps, large print labels, labels in 14 different languages and flavored prescriptions.
    • Flavoring
      Make your medication go down a bit easier with FDA-approved flavoring available at all neighborhood Walgreens and Duane Reade pharmacies nationwide.
    • Pharmacy Chat
      BalanceTM Rewards members can securely access free expert advice from our pharmacy professionals online 24/7.
    • 90-Day Prescriptions
      Get a 3-month supply of your ongoing maintenance medications and reduce the chances of running out or missing a dose.
    • Online Refills
      Refill your prescriptions anywhere, anytime from your computer or with our free mobile app.
    • Automatic Prescription Refills
      Select from your prescription history to refill eligible medications automatically and we'll do the rest.
    • Refill Reminders
      Receive a text, phone call or email when your prescriptions are ready for refill or pick-up.
    • Mobile App
      Download our award-winning free mobile app to refill prescriptions, set pill reminders, locate Walgreens pharmacies and more from your mobile device.
    • ExpressPay
      Enter your credit card information into our secure encrypted payment system and we'll automatically bill your credit card when you pick up your prescription. Just grab and go!
    • Prescription History
      View your prescription history to order refills and to keep your healthcare provider informed. You can also print records for reimbursements, tax deductions, and flexible spending accounts.
    • Family Prescriptions
      Manage your family and pet prescriptions online, all in one place. Easily request refills or schedule immunizations for your entire family.
    • E-Prescriptions
      Have your doctor conveniently send prescriptions electronically to your neighborhood Walgreens and never worry about losing a paper prescription again.
    • Healthcare Clinic
      Get convenient, personalized medical care from healthcare professionals at select Walgreens 7 days a week. Walk-ins are welcome or schedule an appointment online.
    • Mail Service Pharmacy
      Check with your prescription insurance company to see if your plan is eligible for this convenient refill option which may help you save on copays by receiving prescriptions through the mail.


  • Prescription Savings Club
    Join our Prescription Savings Club to get valuable savings on thousands of brand-name and generic medications. You'll also save on immunizations, pet medications and more.
  • Generic Medications
    Ask your Walgreens pharmacist if your brand-name medications can be filled using a lower-cost alternative with the same active ingredients.
  • Prescription Free Shipping
    Enjoy the convenience of free standard shipping on any prescription order.
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