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Beurer Personal Ovulation Predictor & Fertility Tracking Kit

Personal Ovulation Predictor & Fertility Tracking Kit1.0set

What is FSA?

  • Description

    • Measurement and independent analysis of the 2 most important fertility hormones (FSH and LH) found in urine
    • Personalized display of fertile days
    • Clear display overview and quick analysis in the "Pearl Fertility" app
    • "Pearl Fertility" app: certified medical device
    • Display of personal hormone profile
    • Calculated prediction for future cycles
    • Prediction of up to 8 fertile days
    • Step-by-step instructions in the app
    • Incl. 15 FSH and 15 LH test strips
    • Incl. 2 pregnancy tests
    • Incl. reusable strip holder
    • Medical device
    • 99% Accuracy if LH & FSH hormones are detected using the test strips 

    The fertility set "Pearl by Beurer" increases your chances of becoming pregnant naturally - even from the 1st month. The fertility set tests the two most important fertility hormones over the course of one complete cycle. The test strips are analyzed using the app - it's easy and straightforward.

    Made in China


    Before initial use, you first have to download the Pearl Fertility App to your smartphone Please find the list of compatible devices via the QR-code in the chapter Technical data 

    Before you get your measurements, proceed as follows: 

    1 Download the free Pearl Fertility App from the Apple App Store (iOS) or from Google Play (Android) 2 Open the Pearl Fertility App on your smartphone 3 Register the kit via the activation QR-code on the separate sheet in the kit 4 Follow the instructions in the Pearl Fertility App

    The Pearl Fertility App has three main screens: the calendar view, the cycle view, and the measurements view. The calendar view displays cycle information and the Fertile Window on a calendar format, so that you have  all the important information at a glance. The cycle view shows the view of the current cycle, so you are in control of the current events. The measurements view shows you how the tests are interpreted, so you gain insights every day. Before using the app it is important to know what test strips are needed each morning. The test strips need to be exposed to first morning urine. Please read the instructions for use of the test strips which are in a separate instruction manual.

    Step 1: Wait for your cycle to start:

    On day one of your cycle, ie. the first day you notice bleeding, tap on the flower and tell Pearl your period has come. You do this by selecting a drop on the period input menu Pearl will ask you if this day marks the beginning of your cycle. Select yes. The cycle view will refresh starting from day 1.

    Step 2: Wake up in the morning and start test.

    Starting from day #2 of your cycle, ie. the day after you noticed the first bleeding, Pearl will notify you what hormone tests you need to use that day. The symbols on the Cycle View days indicate what test strip to use, pink for LH, blue for FSH. Remember to always use first morning urine, and to read the instructions for use of each test strip before using them.

    There are two different testing possibilities. Usage with stripholder: Load the strip or strips into the stripholder to directly pee on them. Usage with urine container: Collect some first morning urine in a clean dry plastic urine catcher (can be glass). Dip the absorbent tip of the hormone strip vertically into the urine sample.


    1. Slide the protective cover all the way back

    2. Place the required hormone strip (LH or FSH) into the colour-coded strip slot of the stripholder The pregnancy tests can be inserted in both the LH and in the FSH slot.

    3. Insert the hormone strips fully up to the "Max" line Ensure that the "Max" marking on the hormone strips aligns with the stripholder

    4. Slide the protective cover all the way forward again 

    5. Hold only the absorbent tip of the hormone strip facing downward in your urine stream for 2 seconds In doing so, ensure that the arrow marking on the stripholder does not become wet

    Using with urine container:

    1. Collect the urine sample in a clean and dry container 

    2. Dip the absorbent tip of the hormone strip vertically up to the "Max" marking into the urine sample for 5 seconds

    After usage:

     1. Place the hormone strip on a non-absorbent surface. We recommend the blank side of the foil packaging of the hormone strip as a surface; it can then be disposed of. You can use the timer in the app to measure the evaluation time

    2. Wait for the test strips to develop for at least 10-15 minutes but no longer than 20 minutes. Preferably do not take the measurement after 30 min 

    3. After 30 minutes any change in your result should be disregarded 

    Step 3: Take a visual reading with the App

    1. After the test has been developed, select the strip on the inputs menu of the App

    2. Take a picture of the test strip: center the test strip in the rectangle shown in the app. Make sure the strip is well lit and no shadows cast on in

    3. Align the colored part (example for blue strip) of the test strip with the colored part in the app, or let the automatic strip detection pre-find it for you; you can pinch, drag, and rotate to make sure the strip is captured correctly

    4. Align the test lines by dragging the handles on the side up and down, so that the control and test lines of the test strips are exactly covered by the rectangular layout shown in the app. When the lines are faint try to center them as much as possible

    5. Done for today! After successfully aligning the lines click done, the strip will be saved and a tick will appear on the input dialogue indicating that you have completed that test

    © Beurer North America

  • Product Specifications

  • Warnings

    • Pearl Fertility App informs you when the best days to conceive are. This does not mean those days are the only days in which pregnancy is possible and frequent sexual intercourse during the fertile days is recommended in order to get pregnant 
    • Pearl Fertility App is not compatible with the use of hormonal contraception, as hormonal contraception affects natural course of events to achieve pregnancy. The only test strips that are supported by Pearl Fertility App are the Pearl LH, FSH, test strips included in the Pearl Fertility Kits
    • Use the Pearl Fertility App only with test strips that are included in the Pearl Fertility Kit. Using other test strips will produce inaccurate results, and it is breach to Pearl Fertility App Terms of Use
    • The use of the Pearl Fertility App in combination with the Pearl Fertility Kit test strips is limited to the countries where the Pearl Fertility Kits are sold. Do not use Pearl Fertility App in combination with test strips outside of these countries
    • If you experience irregular cycles and use Pearl Fertility App in combination with test strips, make sure you have sufficient number of test strips to cover the maximum length of your cycle
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