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Dulcolax Stimulant Laxative Tablets, Overnight Relief

Stimulant Laxative Tablets, Overnight Relief (Actual Item May Vary)50.0ea

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  • Description

    • Relieves constipation & irregularity
    • Produces bowel movement in 6-12 hours
    • Gentle enough for sensitive stomachs

    Flush your way to a better day! Dulcolax Stimulant Comfort Coated Laxative Tablets help you wake up to a good morning with dependable constipation relief. A single dose gives you overnight relief in six to 12 hours. Say goodbye to bloating, straining and hard stools* caused by constipation and hello to a fresh, new day of possibilities. Keep a pack of laxative tablets on hand for effective, overnight relief from constipation. These tablets are made with active ingredient bisacodyl to help increase intestinal movement. The only thing standing between you and your day is just a flush. *Additional symptom relief is a result of constipation