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Demeter cologne

If you're looking for a one-note fragrance reminiscent of a singular experience, Demeter cologne has a selection of unique, surprising and happy scents tailored for everyday wear. You can mix, match and enjoy a range of affordable fine scents that evoke pleasurable memories and experiences and choose a fragrance for each one of your moods and whims. Demeter makes its colognes in several unusual scents including the candy Tropical Dots, dirt and the drink Gin & Tonic.

Familiar aromas made fresh

Do you remember the smells of childhood: playing in the dirt or the grass on a warm sunny day, or changing a baby? Everyday small thrills, like burying your face in a freshly washed pillowcase, can brings a sense of warmth and pleasure. Demeter cologne brings these joyful memories back to life, with sensuous and affordable scents that make you smile. Small pleasures like luxurious moisturizers rubbed into your skin can also make you feel good. Walgreens.com offers a large selection of scented and unscented skin care, soaps and body butters, to complement your cologne of choice and leave your skin looking and smelling the way you want.

Demeter fragrance for every day

Every woman's fragrance wardrobe should include a perfume for every occasion, and not just designer or classic scents suited for more formal events. A Demeter cologne can fit into your everyday life with ease. Don't worry about Demeter fragrances clashing with other scented bodycare or beauty products, such as your favorite shower gel or hand and body cream. Demeter colognes are single-note fragrances, which means they can be matched with other scents and don't change over time. They are as direct, comfortable and accommodating as your favorite pair of jeans, and as much fun.