Handicap Grab Bar

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Handicap grab bar

Purchase a handicap grab bar to provide you with the support you need when maneuvering. These products help prevent you from falling when getting out of the bathtub or raising up off the toilet.Walgreens.com carries grab bars from trusted brands like Nova and Medline that can be shipped right to your door.

Bathtub and shower bars

Bathtub bars are designed to help you get in and out of the bathtub without slipping and falling. This particular variation of the handicap grab bar is typically placed on the ledge of the tub. This placement allows you easy access to reach for the bar without the need to extend your arms too high. Shower grab bars are another variation of the handicap grab bar. This specific style is typically designed so that it is vertically positioned on the wall for you to hold on to when getting out of the shower. You can mount these bars with screws or suction cups.

Toilet bars

If you need assistance sitting down to use the bathroom or raising up from a sitting position, there are toilet bars that are available that provide you with this support. There are a few different variations of this type of handicap grab bar. You can opt to mount the bar in a horizontal or vertical fashion beside the toilet. Alternatively, you can purchase a standing grab bar that sits on the floor. The standing variation of the handicap grab bar typically provides you with more places to hold on to when getting the support you need to stand up.