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Ionizer air purifiers

Keep the air in your home and car clean with our selection of ionizer air purifiers. By releasing negative ions into the air, these air ionizers attract positively charged particles like allergens, dust and smoke. This process makes the particles larger, heavier and easier to trap in a filter. Reducing the amount of positively charged particles in your home with an ionizer air purifier may be good for your health, since it has been proposed that these particles have negative effects on well-being.

Options for filtering your air

Because ionic air purifiers come in different sizes, you can choose one that suits your space. You can also plug some ionizer air purifiers into your car's lighter socket to freshen the air in your vehicle. Some of these come with larger air purifiers, while you can purchase others separately.

Fresh air during any season

Walgreens.com also carries a wide variety of indoor air purifiers for different needs and spaces. Some home air purifiers are even quiet enough to keep next to your bed overnight. There are also wall-mountable purifiers that conserve space and can complement your d�cor. Don't forget to also stock up on air purifier filters to keep your device in good working condition.