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COMMON USES: It is used to treat or prevent certain skin problems. It may be given to you for other reasons. Talk with the doctor.


With dry air, the passing of time, and environmental pollutants taking their toll on the natural resilience of the skin, it is important to search for ways to address wrinkles and the loss of essential hydration. Kinerase is a brand that offers nourishing, hydrating formulas containing anti-aging capabilities delivered through the use of special ingredients chosen for their potency and effectiveness.

Gentle Potency

The potency behind Kinerase formulas comes from the inclusion of Kinetin, a plant-based antioxidant known to help protect the freshness of plant leaves. This ingredient is very gentle and considered suitable for sensitive skin. Offering similar protection for the youthfulness of human skin, kinetin can help to minimize the visibility of many of the signs of aging, including dryness and wrinkling.

Exclusivity of Ingredients

Kinerase has exclusive rights to the use of Kinetin at specific levels. In fact, it is the only brand with the ability to include the highest level of Kinetin in its formulas. It is this presence of Kinetin that is credited with the quality of results achieved when Kinerase is included in a daily beauty care regimen.

Addressing Imperfections

Many of the Kinerase formulas contain active ingredients that can help to minimize the visibility of skin imperfections, promoting the natural radiance of the skin. As imperfections become less noticeable, you can enjoy a more radiant complexion.

Lifting and Firming Capabilities

Kinerase provides a hypoallergenic line of lifting products designed to firm the skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines found in the eye zone as well as on other areas of the face. These products are non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and are considered suitable for all skin types.

Moisturizing Goodness

Dry and sensitive skin types can benefit from the hydrating creams and lotions found within this collection. Each moisturizing formula offers hypoallergenic solutions that work together to help promote good skin health.

Targeted Treatments

Specialized treatments offering Kinetin, the proprietary ingredient found in Kinerase products, are designed to reveal younger looking skin. They can help improve skin tone and texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, assist the skin in retaining its moisture, minimize redness, and improve overall skin health.