Prince of Persia

Bring your favorite characters from The Prince of Persia games or movie to life with the purchase of a Prince of Persia costume or accessory. Whether you wish to portray the heroic prince Dastan, or the lovely Tamina, everything you need to complete your outfit is available at Both adult and child sized costumes are available, allowing the whole family to dress up together!

Persian costumes

Outfit yourself from head to toe with a Prince of Persia costume of your choice. In addition to the Dastan and Tamina costumes, Hassansin costumes are available as well to complete the range of major characters. Costumes are sized for children and adults, with the child-sized costumes being a one-size-fits-all solution. The exception to the children's sizes is a smaller Tamina outfit available for younger children. Further sizing distinctions are available for adults with Tamina outfits available in medium and regular sizes while Dastan and Hassansin outfits are available in extra-large sizes. Costumes do not generally include pants, boots or accessories.

Costume accessories

A Prince of Persia costume would be incomplete without the appropriate accessories. Gauntlets are available for the prince's forearms in both child and adult sizes. For the adult prince's boots, a one-size-fits-all boot cover is available to turn any boot into a costumed replica. Toy weapons are also available to complete the look. Hassansin scimitars and matching viper daggers are available in a metal and plastic construction for general use, while the prince's very own Dagger of Time completes his costuming. Let your child experience the magic that is the Prince of Persia.