How We Verify Your Prescriptions

Walgreens pharmacists will fill prescriptions written by physicians who are currently licensed to prescribe medication or contact lenses in the United States.

Verification for New Prescriptions

Walgreens will contact your physician when filling a new prescription order, if your records show you are out of refills or if any additional information is needed.

If your doctor requests that a pharmacist phone him/her for your new prescription, and has not provided you with a written prescription, please fill out this form. Our pharmacists will use the information you provide to contact your doctor for authorization to fill your prescription. You may have your prescription shipped to you, or you may pick it up at your local Walgreens.

Please do not use this form if your doctor has provided you with a written prescription. Your doctor may not authorize a prescription over the phone if he has already written one out. Instead, please bring the written prescription order to your local Walgreens to be filled if you'd like to pick it up. Or, you can have this prescription shipped to you by mailing us the written prescription from your doctor along with the Printable Prescription Order Form. We will also contact your physician if any additional information is needed.

Verification for Transferred Prescriptions

When you fill out this form to transfer your prescription, we use the information you provide to contact your current non-Walgreen pharmacy about transferring your prescription to Walgreens.

Verification for Contact Lens Prescriptions

Walgreens will contact your prescriber:

  • When filling a new contact lens prescription order
  • If your records show your contact lens prescription has expired
  • If any additional information is needed

There are four ways to give us your contact lens prescription information:

After we have your contact lens prescription information, we will contact your prescriber to verify your order.

Contact Lens Order Shipping Restrictions

At this time, because of state restrictions, we cannot ship contact lenses to the American territories.

We also do not currently ship contact lenses or Pharmacy items to Puerto Rico.