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Walgreens delivers effective adherence solutions to the right customer at the right time for improved patient health outcomes and a better customer experience.

Our broad range of innovative solutions helps remove adherence barriers through high-touch, pharmacist-driven adherence interventions. Our unique self-service tools and award-winning proactive digital resources can be tailored to individual customer needs. In addition, we have developed data-driven interventions for customers at risk of medication nonadherence.

Common Challenges

50% of patients are nonadherent to their prescribed medication.(1) | The cost of non adherence ahs been estimated at $100 to $300 billion annually.(2)

How We Can Help

1. Our customer-centric solutions provide a better customer experience and drive healthy behaviod. 2. Our omnichannel approach includes in-store, telephonic and digital solutions. 3. Our solutions improve customer health outcomes and your bottom line. | Scan medications to ensure fast refills or transfer prescriptions by taking an image of the bottle. | Use Pharmacy Chat for live help from a pharmacy team member, 24/7.*

Our adherence solutions at work

  • Our new-to-therapy customers had 3% greater medication adherence rates and 3% lower healthcare costs3
  • In a study among Medicare Part D customers, our Delayed Therapy call program demonstrated a 22.8% increase in refill rates, a 1.5% increase in PDC and improved persistence by 2.2 days4
  • Our Walgreens Mobile App reminds customers when it is time to take a medication. A recent study showed that those using the app were at increased odds for being optimally adherent: 21.9% for oral antidiabetic, 20.8% for antihypertensive and 14.6% for antihyperlipidemic medications5†
  • Save a Trip Refills® can save an average of three trips to the pharmacy per year and increase optimal adherence for Triple Weighted Star measures6,7

Adherence research

Improving Medication Adherence and Health Care Outcomes in a Commercial Population Through a Community Pharmacy

A community pharmacy's multifaceted set of adherence interventions was associated with patients having significantly higher medication adherence and lower health care utilization and costs within a commercial population.

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Impact of Late-to-Refill Reminder Calls on Medication Adherence in the Medicare Part D Population: Evaluation of a Randomized Controlled Study

Results from this study suggest that late-to-refill reminder calls increased adherence for Medicare Part D patients who are late in refilling their medications and therefore have the potential to reduce their risk for hospitalization and health care costs.

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The Association Between Use of a Community Pharmacy's Mobile Pill Reminder App and Medication Adherence

Utilization of the Walgreens Mobile App Pill Reminder was associated with significantly higher adherence to oral antidiabetic, antihypertensive and antihyperlipidemic medications.

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Medication Synchronization Improves Medication Adherence

Medication synchronization helps patients with multiple chronic conditions improve their medication adherence, which could result in better health outcomes and reduced overall healthcare cost.

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90-Day Index Fills at Retail Pharmacy Contribute to Higher CMS Star Quality Measures

When Medicare Part D patients start the calendar year with a 90-day prescription for Star drug classes at retail pharmacy, they have significantly greater adherence than non-90-day prescriptions.

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* Availability varies with heavy usage.

† Compared with nonusers, after controlling for differences across groups (P<.001).