Comprehensive solutions for immunizations, testing and treatment

Walgreens is your trusted pharmacy partner for keeping your members, patients and employees safe and healthy. Our Test & Protect™ program offers comprehensive care solutions to prevent, test for and treat illness—safely and conveniently. With years of experience supporting patients with acute and chronic conditions, caring and expert pharmacists, and innovative technology, we can provide the access you need to help keep your members, patients and employees safe and protected.

Help keep your members, patients and employees healthy

Walgreens immunization expertise, testing and treatment solutions; convenient care models; and innovative technology make it easy.


Years of immunization experience, nearly 9,000 locations and trained immunization experts make Walgreens a leader in vaccinations. We offer:

  • Marketing support for vaccine education and access to care
  • Safe and seamless administration of CDC-recommended vaccines in store or at your place of work
  • Self-service digital tools to schedule appointments, view and track immunization records, set appointment reminders, and access safety guidelines


Walgreens is a leader in the pharmacy testing space. Our goal is to close gaps in care by increasing community access to manage the spread of preventable illnesses. We offer:

  • Thousands of testing centers nationwide
  • Pharmacists available 24/7 to answer questions about symptoms and provide support
  • In-store testing, including contactless testing at the drive-thru or at-home testing kits

Acute and chronic condition treatment

For acute and chronic conditions, Walgreens delivers value with competitive costs, diverse offerings and convenient locations nationwide. We offer:

  • Treatment and management of common conditions such as flu, COVID-19 and HIV
  • Pharmacists with advanced clinical education, local knowledge and community trust to help close care gaps
  • Convenient locations nationwide, with 78% of Americans living within five miles of a Walgreens*

*Walgreens internal data. 8/31/22.

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