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Every outcome represents an individual, and every closed gap in care is an opportunity to improve lives. Walgreens pharmacy services are designed to help patients improve adherence, better manage their unique healthcare journeys and close gaps in care—all while lowering the overall cost of care. Efficient workflows let our pharmacists spend more time with patients, while our medication-level vantage point enables us to improve transparency and care coordination.

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Walgreens Advanced Care®

Walgreens pay-for-performance solution leverages predictive analytics and modeling to identify members and patients at risk of nonadherence. Pharmacists then reach out to eligible patients to conduct a comprehensive review to uncover barriers to adherence and offer personalized solutions. We work to empower patients to improve how they manage their condition while increasing adherence and improving outcomes.

Walgreens Expanded Care™

Part of Walgreens expanded care model, this program helps business-to-business (B2B) clients close gaps in care and improve outcomes for populations with specific conditions. Walgreens Expanded Care™ offers a tightly integrated suite of pharmacist-led services, educational programs, analytics and digital tools, all designed to deliver more effective preventive care, chronic care support and care coordination.


Constantly improving efficiencies allows our pharmacy team to focus on patient consultations and interventions. Using our Patient Care Portal, we identify patients at risk for nonadherence, identify barriers to care and intervene to improve adherence. Getting medication to patients quickly, we enable them to stay adherent through omnichannel tools such as Pill Reminder, refill reminders and New-to-Therapy programs.

Digital tools

Our digital tools extend beyond our award-winning Walgreens App and offer quick, convenient self-service access to an array of services, education and resources. Members and patients can easily order or refill medications, get alerts and reminders, and engage with pharmacists and other medical professionals via our website, email, or texting to support their overall health. 

Enhanced patient education

Through pharmacist-led, one-on-one patient consultation and training; access to informative videos; questionnaires; and other forms of engagement, Walgreens educates patients on the specific challenges and management of their health condition.

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