Walgreens commitment to health equity

Striving for health equity is in everyone's interest, and it's crucial to address the social factors that affect patient outcomes. Walgreens is reimagining local healthcare for all with our nationwide reach, centrally backed initiatives and the evolving role of our pharmacists. We're narrowing gaps in care for underserved populations by understanding the needs of our communities, making healthcare more accessible, educating patients, and collaborating with local and national organizations across the healthcare ecosystem.

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"Walgreens has been—and will continue

to be—deeply committed to doing our part

to keep all communities healthy across America."

   Rosalind Brewer, CEO, Walgreens Boots Alliance

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Patient education

We collaborate with key players across the healthcare ecosystem and in local communities to improve health outcomes. We educate patients about why and how to stay on track with their medication regimens, promote health literacy for specific conditions, and address concerns to improve their overall health.

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Greater access to quality care

Walgreens connects with patients in underserved areas through our nationwide footprint, omnichannel presence and high-touch pharmacist consultations. We make care convenient and accessible through dedicated initiatives, including COVID-19 and flu vaccine equity, free delivery services, and healthy food offerings.

Walgreens works closely with organizations in the communities we serve

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Committed to supporting underserved populations

Walgreens provides historically underserved patients with access to expert

pharmacy care and resources, education to understand and manage their

health, and unwavering support through local alliances and collaborations.


More than 50%

of all Walgreens stores support underserved communities.*

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Working to close the gaps

Walgreens strives to support health and well-being in local communities by increasing access to care and education through purposeful collaborations.


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*underserved communities are those experiencing health inequities and/or healthcare access shortages.