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Perspectives on reimagining local healthcare and well-being for all

Walgreens has a unique opportunity within the healthcare ecosystem to interact with patients, caregivers and providers every day—allowing us to gain valuable insights, data and experience toward improving patient care. We are dedicated to sharing an educated perspective on critical topics affecting the industry. Explore our library of relevant topics for you.


Shots in arms: Leading successful vaccination efforts

Walgreens vaccine expertise is helping keep communities protected across the nation. Learn what we're doing to deliver vaccine support for COVID-19, flu and many other conditions as well as how your organization can be part of this critical nationwide effort.


Achieving health equity is in everyone's interest

We're committed to helping all our customers live healthier, happier lives. To help close gaps in care and improve health outcomes, Walgreens health equity initiatives are dedicated to addressing the social factors affecting the health and well-being of vulnerable, underrepresented and medically underserved communities.


The role of pharmacists is changing--explore how

Pharmacists can offer real relief to a healthcare system that is under immense strain due to looming primary care physician shortages, aging and sicker populations, spiraling costs and inequities in healthcare delivery. This white paper offers Walgreens perspective and a roadmap for this necessary shift.


Tech-enabled care: Creating new opportunities for patient connection and delivering care

Technology-based solutions are improving care in our communities and enabling convenient ways to connect with patients. Now more than ever, patients, their caregivers and providers seek out new tools to improve the patient experience and their health outcomes. Learn how technology is advancing healthcare and how Walgreens is empowering customers to take an active role in their healthcare journey.

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