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Walgreens Clinical Trials is committed to making clinical trials more accessible, convenient, and equitable for the 78% of Americans who live within five miles of a Walgreens.


We designed our clinical trial services to benefit a range of stakeholders. Wherever you fall in the healthcare landscape, we have created the ideal blend of technology, personal connection, and flexible virtual, hybrid, or in-person care capabilities required to deliver on your clinical trial needs.

Community Access

Community Access

Our extensive community partnerships and owned footprint with 9M patients served daily and 96M active myWalgreens members to identify and engage the right patients for clinical trials.

Participant Proximity

Participant Proximity

Our existing footprint provides access to a large and diverse population. Tapping into these local markets, combined with our physical locations improves our ability to recruit underrepresented populations that have not had access to clinical trials.

Customer Trust

Customer Trust

Our highly trusted and respected brand fosters strong relationships with local communities. By understanding the voices of our customers and patients, we can provide personalization and empowerment at every step of the clinical trial journey.

Trial Flexibility

Clinical trials are complex and require multi-disciplinary and multi-modal options. Flexible in-person, virtual, at-home, or hybrid trial formats enable easy participation for patients without disrupting their daily lives and reduce patient dropout rates in trials.

Accelerated Recruitment

Our insights-driven approach to finding the right patients with speed and precision can rapidly connect trials to many more patients than ever before.

Safety & Compliance

A new and unique operating model with a foundation of a strong compliance framework and high-quality trial data which meets evidence regulatory requirements.

Our Vision

We are fundamentally changing the paradigm for the patient experience in clinical trials. Building on our nationwide neighborhood presence, we will educate and empower communities to drive a diverse population to participate in trials.  Our ability to understand patients’ everyday needs and provide an experience they can understand, is the hallmark of our approach so we can create a more equitable clinical research enterprise.

Ready to partner with you

If you are looking for a partner to help you accelerate drug development through improved trial recruitment and retention, expanded patient access and health equity, and an enhanced overall clinical trial experience, we want to hear from you.


Unlock new clinical trial capabilities and solutions with Walgreens

Walgreens community-centered approach is already moving the needle on improving awareness, access, and diversity in clinical trials. Learn more about how we’re transforming the industry, one success at a time. 

Closing the diversity gap

Walgreens technology-enabled approach taps into an extensive community footprint with 9M customers served daily to identify and engage patients for clinical trials. 51% of our stores are in socially vulnerable communities.

 Addressing experience hurdles

Walgreens is highly trusted and respected via strong relationships with our consumers. Our understanding of the patient voice allows us to provide personalization and last-mile enablement at every step of the clinical trial journey.

Unlocking potential in every community

Walgreens has a proven track record of improving access in underserved communities, shown by Walgreens COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative--an educational approach created to address hesitancy, correct misinformation, and serve as a source of credible, reliable information.

Walgreens Clinical Trials Case Studies

Walgreens is the ideal partner to meet the changing needs of trial sponsors and patients. Healthcare innovators understand that this space is complex and requires multi-disciplinary and multi-modal approaches to improve treatment options for all.


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    •  Walgreens Clinical Trials: HeFH & ASCVD study recruitment


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