Expert pharmacy care for complex disease states

People living with rare and complex conditions turn to Walgreens for specialty pharmacy expertise, easy access to services and innovative technologies designed to provide support throughout the patient journey. Specially trained pharmacy teams deliver thoughtful care through multiple channels—in store, online or over the phone—providing the personalized, data-informed care patients need.

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Specialized training for pharmacy teams

Better adherence helps improve outcomes. That's why our pharmacy teams receive extensive disease state-specific training across our 300+ community-based specialty pharmacies—to help keep patients on their prescribed treatments.

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Supporting patients

For their best chance at better health, patients need more than access to medication. Our pharmacy teams have them covered—with insurance investigation and verification, injection training, consultations on managing side effects, monitoring for comorbidities and polypharmacy risks, and timely reminders and alerts to keep them on track.

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Speed to therapy

Caring for patients starts with getting medications into their hands quickly and reliably. With efficient billing and processing teams, our community-based specialty pharmacies start patients on therapy in two days on average—often sooner.

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Fast, flexible multichannel delivery

For timely medication delivery, Walgreens has streamlined processes across a multichannel model that brings together our nearly 9,000 retail pharmacies, our 300+ community-based specialty pharmacies and the central fill capabilities of AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy.

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URAC accreditation

The gold standard for healthcare quality, URAC accreditation signals an unwavering commitment to improving outcomes, better serving patients and upholding critical standards for care. Walgreens specialty pharmacies were the first to receive URAC's Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation for all 300+ locations. Our central fill facilities also have URAC accreditation.


Learn how Walgreens speciality services and disease state expertise support patients

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