Supporting patients living with skin conditions

Finding an effective treatment plan for skin conditions can be a moving target, which is why patients need expert pharmacy care and access to the right medications. Walgreens specialty pharmacists are trained to support your patients with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, alopecia, atopic dermatitis or eczema, and other skin conditions—providing fast, convenient access to specialty medications, including biologics. Our holistic patient view and collaborative approach with providers allow us to help patients manage potential medication side effects and comorbidities.

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Pharmacist expertise

Expert pharmacy care makes a difference for people living with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or eczema, and other skin conditions. At Walgreens rheumatology- and dermatology-specialized pharmacies, our pharmacy teams are specially trained in dermatological conditions to help patients manage their medications and stay on therapy. 

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Speed to therapy

The sooner patients start treatment, the better. Our nationwide specialty network provides fast, convenient access to specialty medications, including a wide range of limited distribution drugs (LDDs) and biologics, within two days—often sooner. And our multichannel fulfillment gives patients flexible delivery options.

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Focus on outcomes

Better health outcomes require adherence. That's why we provide digital adherence tools and services to help keep your patients on track. For dermatology patients, Walgreens Connected Care® is one way we're keeping them engaged by using clinical insights to educate and support patients throughout treatment. 

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Holistic patient view

Every healthcare journey is different, and Walgreens specialty pharmacies are in a unique position to support your patients and your care team throughout the patient journey. With visibility into multiple aspects of care, we can help patients manage their dermatological conditions, potential medication side effects and comorbidities. 

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Financial assistance coordination

Lack of financial resources is a common barrier to care. For patients struggling to afford critical medications, we can make connections to advocacy groups, local community organizations, drug manufacturers and other sources of financial aid. 

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Joining forces to improve dermatological care

Collaboration is essential for breaking down barriers to care. That's why Walgreens is working with organizations such as the Global Healthy Living Foundation to give patients greater access to care and treatment for dermatological conditions. That includes enhanced training for our specialty pharmacists and educational resources for patients, such as the Getting Clear on Psoriasis podcast.

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