Your partner in delivering better care

Improve Star Ratings, deliver cost-effective access for Medicaid members, take steps to address health equity and support members with complex specialty conditions—whatever your focus, the right pharmacy partner can help. Our community-based approach means we work with you to deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time—wherever it's most convenient.

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An evolution in care

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Reimagining the community pharmacy

Walgreens pharmacies support the health and wellness of our communities through immunizations, testing, chronic care support and more. Through myWalgreens®, we connect the digital experience to the pharmacy experience, ensuring that patients have the support and resources they need.

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Innovating to deliver care

Microfulfillment centers that leverage robotics and automation are rolling out nationwide, enabling us to prepare and deliver prescriptions to local pharmacies quickly. Continual operational innovation frees pharmacists' time for more direct patient care, while Customer Care IQ™ uses machine learning to help pharmacists identify and prioritize at-risk patients through our Patient Care Portal.

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Treating the whole person

We treat people—not just their conditions. Our URAC-accredited specialty pharmacies connect patients with pharmacy care teams that specialize in specific disease states, while our performance-based Walgreens Expanded Care™ and Walgreens Advanced Care® programs provide higher levels of care for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes.

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Removing barriers to care

We're committed to health equity, closing care gaps and breaking barriers to care. As a trusted resource for community-based healthcare, we provide quality, holistic disease state management in underserved communities. Trained in cultural competency, our pharmacy teams offer individualized solutions for members' unique challenges.

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Aligning to your business needs

Our network approach and targeted clinical programs help you achieve your goals, including key measures in Star and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) quality ratings. That includes helping people find coverage and savings through Walgreens Find Rx Coverage service, while our Ready to receive® service ensures minimal disruption for access changes.

Supporting better health for the people you serve


21 million

patients engage with our pharmacy

team annually.






percentage point increase in proportion

of days covered for Medicaid patients

using our digital prescription

management tools1


[1] Lider J, Singh T, Smith-Ray R, Taitel M. Use of digital prescription management and reminder tools is associated with increased medication adherence among patients at a large chain pharmacy. Presented at: Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy eLearning Days; April 20–24, 2020.

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