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The right pharmacy can make a real difference in patient outcomes—and for your care team. Walgreens acts as an extension of your team, supporting your patients with highly trained specialty pharmacists, rapid multichannel medication delivery and 300+ community-based specialty pharmacies located where your patients live. We strive to simplify work for your team through appropriate support activities and by engaging with patients across channels to keep them on track.

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Speed and efficiency

You have enough to do without worrying about whether patients can access the therapies you prescribe. Walgreens optimized, multichannel medication delivery system gets medication into patients' hands quickly—in 48 hours on average, often sooner.

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Community connections

Expanding access to care is easier when you're a part of the community. At Walgreens, our pharmacy teams and staff members are trusted members of the neighborhoods in which they work—many of them in historically underserved areas. And we work closely with community groups to remove barriers to care. 

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Breaking barriers to care

Patients don't always have the resources to seek out care. Walgreens is working to remove those barriers. For patients with transportation challenges, we provide digital tools for anywhere, anytime access. And for those with financial challenges, we make connections to advocacy groups, drug manufacturers and more.

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Services and tools

It is easy for patients to stay engaged across the healthcare journey with Walgreens services and digital tools. Walgreens Connected Care® helps drive adherence and improved outcomes. The myWalgreens® platform serves up helpful information and everyday savings. And we continue to innovate, collaborating with partners such as DoorDash and Uber Health.

Disease-state experts

High-quality, specialized care is crucial for patients with complex and chronic conditions. When your patients engage with a URAC-accredited Walgreens specialty pharmacy, they can rely on pharmacy teams that receive ongoing training in the relevant disease state and can provide proper support for their conditions.

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