Working with health systems to improve care

As you strive to improve outcomes and control costs, Walgreens can work closely with you to explore value-based care models and manage your 340B programs with greater insights and efficiency. We know it's important to reduce the administrative hassles for your team, which is why we are streamlining processes and using innovative technologies to drive adherence—ultimately helping you improve care.

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Supporting your goals

You're balancing patients, staff, healthcare costs and outcomes, and we're working hard to help you reach your goals. Our services and digital tools can improve adherence and provide a better patient experience, which adds up to healthier populations.

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Expanding access to care

Better access to therapy helps patients stay adherent—and improves health equity by addressing many social determinants of health. With our community-based approach to care and collaboration with local and regional health systems, we're making therapy more accessible. And our digital platforms can reach people in communities with less access to care.

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Reducing administrative burdens

You have enough to do without worrying about whether patients can access their prescribed therapies. Walgreens optimized, multichannel medication delivery system gets medication into patients' hands quickly. For 340B participants, our 340B Complete® service portal offers detailed reporting and actionable insights that can drive big savings.

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Supporting value-based care

Healthcare must evolve to confront rising costs, uneven patient outcomes and ongoing inequities in care. As the shift to value-based care gains steam, Walgreens offers cost-effective services and collaborative relationships that can drive new levels of efficiency. We're here, serving patients with an appropriate level of care and support throughout their healthcare journey.

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