Local specialty healthcare supported by nationwide resources

Our unique relationships with specialty patients, providers and the communities we serve make Walgreens the preferred partner for specialty care. Walgreens specialty pharmacies deliver expert care at the local level, personalizing that care for the unique needs of individuals and the barriers they may face. Our specially trained pharmacists engage with members and patients to support them through holistic treatment, increased adherence and improved outcomes. 


Our specialty pharmacy solutions—having a nationwide presence, access to limited distribution drugs and a multichannel delivery model—create a seamless patient experience. An integrated care model supports patients where they are, helps close gaps in care, improves outcomes and lowers overall healthcare costs.

Financial assistance

We help eligible patients connect with financial assistance through advocacy groups, drug manufacturers and other sources.  We collaborate with local community organizations to offer individualized solutions to overcome financial barriers so our communities, including underserved populations, receive the healthcare they need.

Speed to therapy

Rapid turnaround time means faster access to essential therapy. Walgreens pharmacists have the beneficial relationships and expertise to quickly get prescriptions in the hands of your members. Reducing disruption in a patient's medication therapy plan keeps them on a seamless healthcare journey while creating a better patient and provider experience.

Adherence solutions informed by clinical expertise

Walgreens continues to sharpen our focus on providing innovative and personalized solutions to help members and patients improve their adherence to drive improved outcomes. Walgreens Connected Care® helps us achieve this through high-touch engagement that connects members and patients with insights-driven clinical support.

Specialty networks

Walgreens offers specialty pharmacy care for patients with various complex disease states and chronic conditions. Nationwide resources and pharmacists and staff with specialty disease state training help you enhance the patient experience. A wide range of unique solutions improves adherence to specialty medications while closing gaps in care and improving overall health outcomes.

* AllianceRx Specialty Pharmacy locations maintain ACHC and URAC accreditation.

** All community-based specialty pharmacy locations are URAC accredited in Specialty Pharmacy.

*** Select community-based specialty pharmacy locations are ACHC accredited.

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