How we can help

Walgreens delivers exceptional, personalized care driven by innovative technology and the commitment to support your members and patients at every point in their healthcare journey. Our knowledge and tools help drive better outcomes and support the most vulnerable patients, including those in underserved communities. Our nationwide presence, multichannel medication delivery model, unique care model and seamless processes create a positive member experience while helping you keep overall costs down.

Integrated solutions improve the patient experience and outcomes at lower cost.

Better patient experience

Providing an outstanding patient experience is central to our approach to care. We bring together Walgreens history of trusted pharmacy expertise, our committed support throughout the patient journey and a diverse array of seamless care, with programs, services and digital tools designed to make managing member and patient health easier and more effective. 

Improve outcomes

Because adherence drives outcomes, we deliver comprehensive, personalized care that closes gaps in care and improves adherence. Our pharmacist-led approach supports your members and patients through high-touch services, including one-on-one pharmacist consultations that focus on adherence and breaking barriers to care. Our digital tools additionally support adherence by offering reminders for taking or refilling medications.

Optimize costs

Our national scale, highly efficient business processes and close working relationships with biopharma manufacturers enable us to help you control costs. Our vast inventory of medications, including specialty and limited distribution drugs, gives your members and patients fast, reliable access to the therapies they need.

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