Keeping your employees healthier, together 

Your goal is healthy, happy employees, and good health starts with prevention. Walgreens helps keep your employees protected with health and wellness services in communities nationwide. Our preventive care includes immunization, testing and convenient access to medications. For employees with complex and chronic conditions, Walgreens specialty pharmacies offer disease state expertise and adherence tools to keep them on track. By collaborating with players across the healthcare ecosystem, we can help improve outcomes to deliver value for you and your employees. 

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Keeping employees healthy

Keep employees protected and productive in the workplace with cost-effective immunizations and testing for many common illnesses, including COVID-19, flu and pneumonia.

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Controlling costs

Healthy employees incur fewer expenses, and the right pharmacy can help keep them on track with their medication. Walgreens offers digital tools and support to increase adherence to medications, which can lead to better outcomes and lower healthcare costs. 

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Providing an outstanding pharmacy experience

A great experience is fast and convenient for employees. At Walgreens, your employees benefit from multichannel fulfillment and support—accessing medications through retail, community specialty pharmacies and mail order with easy-to-use digital tools. And our highly trained pharmacists are there to help every step of the way. 

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