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Walgreens understands how important it is to offer attractive, affordable solutions that appeal to a diverse population. We'll serve as an extension of your team to provide high-performing healthcare solutions that improve quality of care, access and engagement for all, including underserved populations.



Our adherence program supports healthier employee behavior, which can result in improved adherence, better health outcomes and potential cost savings.1

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Only 45 percent of adults were vaccinated for the flu by mid-November 2018, yet vaccines reduce the risk of flu by up to 60 percent,3,4 prevent 12.4 percent of flu-related hospitalizations5 and decrease the number of workdays lost by 60 percent.6

Combat increased flu-related complications and a lack of awareness to decrease your costs and boost members' health.

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Specialty pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy

Walgreens is your specialty pharmacy advocate, offering pharmacy and medical benefit cost-savings strategies, proactive patient engagement and expert client support.

Our specialty pharmacy services ensure appropriate clinical management and are offered at multiple points of access, including central specialty pharmacies, 300 community-based specialty pharmacies, and over 1,000 disease-state specialized pharmacies that include HIV and Hepatitis C-specialized pharmacies.

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Retail Healthcare Clinic

Neighborhood Health Destination

Walgreens is leveraging the expansive reach of our nationwide retail locations and our strategic relationships with regional and national providers to create neighborhood health destinations that offer primary care, urgent care and more.

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Specialty pharmacy

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