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Healthcare Solutions

Walgreens offers a full network of services and solutions that prioritize patients' health while helping to improve outcomes, increase adherence and reduce your costs.

Walgreens is one of the oldest and largest pharmacy chains in the U.S., with nearly 9,000 retail pharmacies and 120 years of experience. Our extensive network offers convenient, affordable access to better health:

  • • 1,000+ specialized pharmacies
  • • 24/7/365 access to a pharmacist
  • • 8 million consumers reached daily

Current Whitepapers

Shots in arms: Leading the way to successful vaccination efforts
Effective vaccination programs help protect the health of an individual and the entire community. Each shot means that there may be one less person to transmit the disease to those not yet vaccinated. Offering services in-store or off-site, pharmacies are prepared to meet patients where they are and be a trusted resource for vaccinating children, adults, and our seniors. But getting shots in arms takes more than just the vaccine and a needle. It takes leadership, trust, experience, and a deep understanding of and a commitment to the community. Learn how we can protect our communities through vaccinations in our white paper Shots in Arms: Leading the way to successful vaccination efforts.

Pharmacists are changing the trajectory of healthcare: Creative approaches to closing gaps and improving patient care
Pharmacists are changing the trajectory of healthcare highlights how pharmacists are well poised to support the healthcare needs of our communities. Qualified by education and experience, empowered by data, and deeply embedded in the healthcare ecosystem, today’s pharmacists are in an ideal position to affect significant change for many of the challenges facing healthcare today. As a known and trusted local resource and among the most accessible of all medical professionals, pharmacists are ready to deliver that much-needed help.

Achieving health equity is in everyone’s interests
Achieving health equity, or the opportunity for everyone to be as healthy as possible, is vital for improving health outcomes for all our communities. The benefits of equitable access to health go beyond patient outcomes, positively impacting productivity, life expectancy, and even reducing healthcare costs. However, to achieve health equity, it’s important to first address the social determinants that prevent underserved communities from getting basic access to expertise, care, and medication. Learn how Walgreens is identifying and bridging these gaps in care, in our white paper Achieving health equity is in everyone’s interest.

Tech-enabled care: Creating new opportunities for patient connection and delivering care

Technology-based solutions are improving care in our homes and communities, filling gaps in care, and enabling convenient ways to connect with patients. Now more than ever, patients, their caregivers and providers seek out new tools that can help improve the patient experience and their health outcomes. Learn how technology is advancing healthcare and how Walgreens is empowering customers to take an active role in their healthcare journey.