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Body Shavers

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Body Shavers

Body hair trends are constantly evolving, and men and women often find that they need to adapt with the times in order to achieve their desired look. Regardless of whether you choose to go completely smooth in certain areas or just want to sculpt your body hair to keep it under control, there are a number of tools you can use to get the task done at home. Here at Walgreens, we have a wide variety of body shavers for you to consider.

Shaving and Trimming Body Hair

Both men and women will often grow unwanted hair along different body parts, and it will be completely up to your own personal preferences which of these areas you want to either shave or trim. Electric shavers are a favorite product among women looking to completely get rid of hair on their legs because they help achieve smooth skin without causing nicks or razor burn. Some men also prefer to completely shave areas like their back, chest, or head, and you can find electric shavers that are specifically designed to target body hair (as opposed to facial hair).

Shaving Intimate Areas

When it comes to grooming other areas like the pubic region or your underarms, a number of men want to be able to easily shorten and shape hair without completely removing it. In this case, you might choose an electric trimmer that includes plastic guards over the blades. These products will only trim hairs that are longer than your chosen length while leaving shorter hairs for a well-groomed look. Many women choose to shape pubic hair as well, while others want to simply clean up their bikini lines, and you can find groomer products that are specifically manufactured to be gentle and easy to control in this sensitive region. There are options designed for both dry and wet shaving.

What Is an Epilator?

For people who want to completely remove hair on certain areas of their body, epilators are unique products that help pull out hair from the root. These handheld electronic tools feature rotating discs or tweezers that grasp hairs as you use them and pull them out in a method similar to waxing. Though some people find the process unpleasant, this hair removal technique usually lasts longer than shaving and is preferred by a number of men and women.

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