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12x12 albums

Create a unique and expressive scrapbook by starting with your choice of 12x12 albums. There are various themes to choose from, including travel, pets and wedding albums. Each 12x12 album can contain a different number of pages, so find one with enough to contain your photos and clippings. You can also add more pages to your 12x12 albums from brands such as K & Company, Pioneer and Amanda Blue by stocking up on page refills.

Crafting your book

Once you've chosen a 12x12 album, you can go through your photos to find one to use on your cover. Most of these albums have a small display on the cover for personalization. After creating your pages, you can make sure they'll stay intact and protected by using page protectors.

Scrapbooking supplies

For your scrapbooking needs, we carry a variety of supplies here at If you or someone you know is just starting out with this hobby, try a scrapbooking kit that contains tools for getting started. There are a variety of stickers for adhering your photos as well as number and letter stickers for making titles and captions. Look for scrapbooking embellishments such as glitter and gems to help add some flair to your book.

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