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Aa Battery Packs

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AA battery packs

We have AA battery packs full of your favorite brand-name AA batteries as well as our own money-saving Walgreen's brand, so you'll always have extra AA batteries on hand to keep your gadgets running at their very best. Stock up on our AA battery packs and you'll save time and money whenever you need a new AA battery.

Types of AA batteries

We have lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries available in AA battery packs, along with traditional alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries save you money when you use them in electronic devices such as cameras and audio players that use large amounts of battery power. Lithium batteries are also recommended for devices with high power requirements, as they last longer than alkaline batteries. Alkaline AA battery packs are recommended for flashlights, toys and other everyday battery-powered devices, and they make excellent spare batteries for any device that uses an AA battery.

Choosing AA battery packs

Every home should have AA battery packs available at all times, especially if the home smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector uses one or more AA batteries. Digital photo enthusiasts are advised to purchase a battery charger along with rechargeable AA battery packs, so they will always have fully charged batteries ready for extended photography sessions. Either alkaline or lithium AA battery packs are convenient for battery-powered computer accessories such as cordless mice or keyboards, and even rechargeable AA battery users should keep economical alkaline AA battery packs on hand for emergencies.

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