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AAA Batteries

AAA batteries, also known as triple-A batteries, are used in a wide variety of different household electronics. These household batteries come in a variety of styles, including single-use and rechargeable batteries.

Choosing the right batteries

Products that use AAA batteries will specify the need for this size. These batteries are 44.5 millimeters long and will not fit properly into slots designed for other styles, such as AA batteries, C batteries, D batteries, or 9-volt batteries. You can choose from alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, carbon-zinc batteries, and rechargeable batteries. In general, alkaline batteries are the most widely available type and tend to be inexpensive. Rechargeable NiMH batteries are more expensive, but they work well in devices that drain batteries more quickly, such as digital cameras. Carbon-zinc batteries, which are often called heavy-duty batteries or general-purpose batteries, are typically the cheapest type available, but they do not work well in high-drain devices.

Using AAA batteries

Devices that use AAA batteries include remote controls, portable music players, clocks, smoke detectors, and digital cameras. Once the battery has lost its charge, it should be disposed of properly. Used batteries should not be thrown in the regular trash. Instead, battery recycling programs are available to take back used batteries. If your AAA battery is the rechargeable type, you can recharge it at home using a battery charger and use the same battery over and over again instead of throwing it away after one use.