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Abdominal Binders

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Abdominal Binders at Walgreens

If you're recovering from surgery or injury, or you just need extra support, abdominal binders can stabilize your core. Most binders are made of comfortable, flexible materials so they don't roll. Surgical binders can secure post-surgical dressings or support internal organs when there's been a loss of muscle tone. Abdominal binders can also be used as a rib belt to help care for a rib fracture. Try an abdominal support from brands such as OTC Professional Orthopaedic or Futuro available here at

Easy to Use

Abdominal braces are easy to use. Most are adjustable to your level of comfort and undetectable under clothing. There are unisex abdominal binders as well as abdominal binders for women. Both styles are washable and reusable.

All Types of Support

Shop our selection of braces and supports that includes ankle, knee, elbow and wrist braces. Whether you're looking for extra support during workouts or sports activities or are trying to accelerate the healing process, our variety of sports braces can help. Try a thigh support for warm compression of strains. Struggling with carpal tunnel? Choose from various hand braces designed to help relieve symptoms and help you stay active.

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