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Treat common headaches and other aches and pains with your choice of remedies containing acetaminophen. Depending on who's using this pain reliever, choose from extra strength tablets, caplets or fast-acting gelcaps for the right relief. Besides helping get rid of headaches and other pain, acetaminophen from brands such as Tylenol, PediaCare and Triaminic can also help to reduce a fever for overall comfort.

Solutions for staying pain-free

Our selection of remedies that contain acetaminophen includes medicines for cold and flu, arthritis and headaches. Some cold medicines are made with acetaminophen as well as decongestants and other ingredients. You can choose a safe, small dose found in liquid children's cold medicine thats often flavored to make it easier to take. Be prepared with convenient, small packets of acetaminophen tablets or stock your home medicine cabinet with bottles of as many as 500 tablets.

For your comfort

If you're looking for other options to help eliminate pain, browse our wider assortment of pain relief products here at Walgreens.com. There are topical pain relievers and analgesics for muscle aches that are simple to rub on. You could also use heat therapy wraps or patches for soothing comfort. If you need numbing relief, look for cold compresses and cooling gels that are applied directly to the area of concern.