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Acne Moisturizer

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Acne moisturizers

Need to hydrate your acne-prone skin without causing a breakout? An acne moisturizer lotion can offer both soothing hydration and pimple prevention. For clear, radiant skin, browse the selection of acne moisturizers at You'll find products to control breakouts from top acne care brands Clean & Clear, Aveeno, and Yes To Tomatoes.

Acne lotions: going beyond breakouts

Adding a noncomedogenic moisturizer to your skin care routine can give you better results than acne washes alone. Most acne lotions are oil-free and won't clog pores. Some contain natural ingredients designed to work with your complexion to prevent blemishes and even your skin tone. Restore your skin's health and improve its appearance with a moisturizer for acne prone skin that works for you.

Clear skin, your way

At you'll find gentle acne treatments to give you the clear skin you deserve. There are face scrubs that decrease the bacteria on your skin. Non-comedogenic washes, toners and creams won't clog pores, which can cause blemishes to form. Mild acne soaps are available that won't irritate sensitive skin. You'll also find acne spot treatments, pore cleansing strips and masks and cleansing cloths to restore your healthy glow.

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