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AcneFree mild acne

Treat your acne-prone skin with AcneFree mild acne products. There are complete acne skin care systems as well as individual products to help you keep breakouts under control. Try one of the AcneFree cleansers and scrubs, acne masks, strips and peels or specific acne treatments. AcneFree mild acne treatments range from leave-on foams and lotions to a stick that you can carry with you to address flare-ups on-the-go.

Caring for your skin

Washing your face with an AcneFree mild acne cleanser can help manage bacteria and excessoil to reduce the chance of a breakout. Follow up with a toner to further control oil and balance pH. Use a lotion or foam for lasting treatment throughout the day or night. AcneFree also offers spot treatments, pore cleansers and acne masks for more concentrated care.

Special formulas

There are special AcneFree mild acne formulas for sensitive skin and products to use when you're playing sports or other activities. The AcneFree sensitive skin products include a cleanser, toner and lotion and spot treatment that promise visible results in a few days. AcneFree Sport cleanser and wipes are designed to help after activity to cleanse and treat problem skin on the face, back or chest.