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Acuvue Daily Contacts

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Acuvue daily contacts

Keep your vision sharp and clear with these Acuvue daily contacts. The Acuvue contacts are manufactured for single day use and disposal, providing comfort with the convenience of a multi-day pack.

Comfortable contact lenses for short-term wear

Acuvue daily contacts are comfortable contact lenses designed for short-term wear to provide a healthy alternative to traditional long-term Acuvue contacts. Because they're made to be worn for only a single day, you'll always have a fresh lens available for placement every morning, without worries of dust or any other material covering the contacts at the time of wear. Acuvue contacts are also marked for easy visibility and placement with a combination of lens tinting and a mark on the lens to let the user know which side of the lens is the front side.

Choosing a package the fits your needs

There are a variety of Acuvue lens packages available for your choosing. Select a lens type that's the most comfortable for your use. Acuvue has lenses available that allows oxygen through the lens to increase wearer comfort, or you can choose a contact lens that increases the comfort level through the addition of a special moisture-locking formula. You can also choose from packages containing different numbers of lenses, purchasing a lens package to meet your long-term supply needs. Stock up on a month's worth of Acuvue daily contacts or purchase enough lenses to last you for a year if needed.

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