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Acuvue Daily Lenses

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Acuvue daily lenses

Wearing contact lenses does not have to be an unpleasant experience when you choose to wear Acuvue daily lenses. The Acuvue brand of disposable lenses is the healthy and convenient option for people who prefer contacts over glasses. Acuvue daily lenses solve many of the problems that can result from using traditional contacts.

Contact lenses for healthy eyes

The Acuvue line of disposable contacts allows you to wear a brand new pair of contact lenses every day, so you don't have to worry about the protein deposits that develop on the surfaces of traditional lenses and can damage the eyes. Using Acuvue daily lenses, you don't have to learn a procedure to clean the lenses every month or purchase expensive cleaning products and contact solutions. Acuvue daily lenses provide you with clear, crisp vision in a healthy and convenient way.

A comfortable option for sensitive eyes

Acuvue daily lenses are the comfortable solution for people with sensitive eyes. The Acuvue line of single-use contacts provides extra lubrication, so you won't have to suffer through hours of dry eyes at the end a day of wearing the lenses. These daily contacts are particularly useful for people who suffer from allergies. The extra lubrication prevents itchy eyes, and you dispose of the lenses before they can get dirty and add to the irritation. Acuvue daily lenses also feature visibility tinting and special marking, so you can easily identify the right way to put the contacts into your eyes.

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