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Acuvue weekly contacts

Acuvue weekly contacts are a simple way to manage your vision care needs. Available in a variety of styles and types, you can easily find weekly contacts that will help you see with clarity and precision.

Ordering Acuvue lenses

Ordering Acuvue weekly contacts is easy. All you need is your prescription, which you received from your optometrist at your last eye exam. Select the brand of contact lenses that your optometrist recommended. You can also order eyeglasses online with your valid prescription. To make sure that you are ordering the right size and fit of contact lenses, you will need to enter the prescription strength for each eye into the online form. Your optometrist will have recommended the type of lenses, which might include two-week disposable lenses, daily use lenses, or even one-month lenses. You should stick with the specifications recommended by your eye doctor.

Using Acuvue lenses properly

Contact lenses are reasonably easy to wear. If you select the right brand and style, you should be able to comfortably wear lenses each day. However, to make your experience with Acuvue weekly contacts easier, you should also use saline solution before you place the lenses in your eye each day. Washing the lenses in saline solution will clean them of dust and debris that can build up during normal use. If you find that your eyes become dry during the day, carry contact eye drops. These drops can be easily applied as many times as is necessary.