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Air Optix Contact Lenses

Monthly disposable contact lenses provide the best of the benefits of both disposable and reusable contacts. When lenses are thrown out once per month, there are fewer contacts to store, less waste produced and more time to reorder; however, disposable lenses that are thrown away on a monthly schedule do present some challenges for users. Gradually over the one-month period, the clarity of vision typically decreases as the contacts become covered with deposits and begin to dry out. Air Optix contact lenses were developed to solve this problem through the use of sophisticated technology. The contacts have been shown in clinical studies to provide a comfortable fit and clearer images without major changes throughout a full 30 days of wear. For those who find monthly disposable contact lenses uncomfortable by the end of the month, Air Optix lenses could be the ideal solution. Produced by Alcon, the contacts are available in different types with products available for astigmatism (a vision condition that can cause blurred vision), those who require bifocals and those with other special vision needs. Talk to your eye doctor to find out if Air Optix lenses are a good fit for you.

The Air Optix Difference

The difference between Air Optix lenses and other monthly disposable contacts on the market is the brand's Ultra-Smooth Surface Technology. Once in place, the contacts create a layer of moisture that covers the lens. This keeps the eyes better lubricated and helps to ensure a more comfortable fit throughout the month. The technology also decreases the ability of various types of deposits to collect on the contacts, keeping them more sanitary with less care and helping to promote clearer vision than what is possible with the monthly lenses offered by other brands. In addition to their Ultra-Smooth Surface Technology, Air Optix lenses are made of a unique material that is more porous than traditional contact lenses. As a result, the contacts allow five times as much air to reach the eye through the lenses as ordinary soft contacts. Improved airflow is important for eye health and for maintaining comfort while wearing your contacts. If you already have a prescription for Air Optix contacts, order your contacts at Walgreens for convenient home delivery and a great low price.