Air Purifier Filters

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Air purifier filters

By changing your air purifier filters on a regular basis, you can keep your home air purifier in good working condition. Look for the type of replacement filters from brands such as Blueair, Kaz and Winix to find the kind that's compatible with your indoor air purifier. Although many air purifier filters need to be replaced at least once a year, there are some types that can trap bacteria, allergens and dust for one to five years, depending on usage.

Keeping your home fresh

Besides air purifier filters, we carry an assortment of HEPA air purifiers here at If you already use a purifier in your larger living spaces, look for a compact indoor air purifier for bathrooms and other small rooms. Most operate quietly, so you can keep one with a night light in your bedroom without disturbing your sleep. Others are wall-mountable for convenience. Choose one in a color or style that complements your d�cor.