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Allergy air purifiers

Help clear the air in your home with allergy air purifiers that can trap dust, pollen, dander and other allergens. By breathing fresh, clean air, you may experience fewer or less severe allergy symptoms. Here at Walgreens.com, there are air purifiers in different colors, sizes and brands such as Rabbit Air, Blue Air and Winix.

Your options for fighting allergies

There are many allergy air purifiers that feature effective and reliable HEPA filters. Some also have ionizers, which release electrons that attach to small particles in the air to make them easier to trap in a filter. There are also portable air purifiers that are simple to move from your home to your office or from room to room.

Staying healthy and comfortable

By replacing the filter in your allergy air purifier on a regular basis, you can help it stay in good working condition. Find the replacement filters that are compatible with your home air purifier among our selection. We also carry other allergy relief products such as allergy tablets, nasal strips and allergen free bedding.