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Aluminum canes

Find the lightweight yet sturdy support you may need from an aluminum cane. These lightweight canes are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to help suit your needs and preferences. Most aluminum canes have an offset handle which allows for an ergonomic, comfortable and stable grip. Many of these canes from brands Medline and Nova are adjustable, so you can extend or shorten it to the right height for you.

Support and stability

We carry a range of different cane types that are made from aluminum. Aluminum folding seat canes can support you as you walk, as well as fold out for a portable seat that's great for waiting in long lines. If you'd like a cane that's easy to stow and travel with, choose a folding cane. For extra strong support, choose a heavy duty cane or bariatric cane that is made of steel. Quad canes have four tips on the bottom instead of one, and can help you stay balanced and steady.

Staying mobile, comfortable and safe

You'll also find a wide selection of mobility aids here at Walgreens.com. Besides canes, we carry walkers, rollators, crutches and more. There's even help for the home, including bed assist rails to help you get in and out of bed more easily, and lift chairs that simplify getting out of a comfortable chair. From hand held showers and bath benches to bath mats and safety grab bars, you'll also find a range of bathroom safety supplies.