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Amino acid powders

Dietary supplements that can be added to food or drinks to increase you body's amino acids are amino acid powders. They usually contain glutamine, a type of amino acid that aids in digestive processes and helps the human body recuperate after intense athletic activity.

What do glutamine powders do?

Amino acid powders that contain glutamine are ideal supplements for athletes. Once you have completed your workout routine, you can consume glutamine powders to help your muscles recuperate. Glutamine is an amino acid that is present in high levels in skeletal muscles. It has muscle-repairing qualities that make it an important addition to many amino acid powders. Along with supporting muscle tissue, glutamine supplements support brain tissue. By incorporating glutamine powders into your diet, you can enhance muscle metabolism and fuel your brain for your next workout. Glutamine powders can provide as much glutamine as an entire chicken breast or five eggs.

How to take glutamine powders

Amino acid supplements are usually available in powder form, allowing you to easily add the powder to various beverages. For athletes, amino acid powders can be consumed daily after a workout for optimum results. You can add the powder to water or flavored beverages. The powder easily dissolves and mixes into the drink, so you don't have to taste or feel it. You can also add the powder to shakes or smoothies. Some glutamine powders can be consumed more than once in a day, depending on the intensity of your workout routine.