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Andis Clipper Kits

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Andis clipper kits

Slip those costly barber shop bills and do the hair cutting at home with Andis clipper kits. The adjustable blade, hair guards and other kit components can help you give the family a cut that's just as good as the barber at a fraction of the price.

Saving money with clipper kits

Hair cuts in a barber shop can get costly over the years. Many families opt for barber cuts out of fear of doing the same at home. Andis clipper kits makes duplicating the barber cuts easy. The clipper has professionally sharpened, adjustable blades for making clean cuts. The guards in each kit provide a safety barrier to prevent the clipper from taking off too much hair. The clipper cuts both wet and dry hair. It can trim hair of any texture and length as well. With these features and safe guards, Andis clipper kits lets you become the barber of the family.

Clippers and pet grooming

Pet grooming is another activity that can be very costly over time. Fortunately, it is also one activity that you can complete at home on your own. Andis pet clipper kits have blade attachment combs to ensure a uniform hair length during cutting, professionally sharpened blades and instructions for pet owners. One kit even offers a DVD to help you in your first pet grooming adventure. The clipper kits are designed to help you in learning how to cut your pet's hair and continuing the job throughout your pet's lifetime. Andis clipper kits puts your pet's grooming into your hands.

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