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Andis clippers

Andis clippers are perfect for clipping and trimming all types of hair. You can save time and money by clipping your family's hair at home instead of heading to an expensive salon or barber shop.

Clippers for many hairstyles

Choosing hair clippers can be complicated, but the main thing you need to consider is what you will be using them for. The company makes trimmers for at-home use as well as professional clippers that are similar to those used by professional barbers. Some Andis clippers are intended for use by the entire family. These clippers feature an adjustable blade that lets you cut different lengths of hair. The self-sharpening blade is low maintenance, and the handle is designed to be easy to hold while clipping hair. Some Andis clippers have both a corded and cordless mode, so you can clip hair almost anywhere. You can use Andis clippers on both wet and dry hair.

Pet clippers

Some Andis clippers are intended for use on pets. These clippers can be used to trim dog hair and are the perfect addition to any dog owner's grooming supplies. These feature a quiet motor that won't frighten your dog during a grooming session. Pet clippers can be used along with pet brushes and pet nail trimmers to keep your pet well groomed. You can also get an Andis clipper kit that includes a DVD to teach you how to keep your pet trimmed and neat.

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