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Andis Flat Irons

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Andis flat irons

Smooth and straighten your hair with Andis flat irons. You can use a hair straighteners to achieve an overall sleek look within minutes. Available in different widths so you can do smaller or larger sections of hair at a time, Andis flat irons feature tangle-free cords and closing locks for easy storage. Most models of Andis straightening irons also heat up quickly and have an automatic shut-off for safety.

Simple styling

There are Andis flat irons that can style your hair whether it's wet or dry. You can also find Andis High Heat Ethnic flat irons that can heat up to 400 degrees. These flat irons also have a range of 20 heat settings so whether you have fine or thick hair, you can adjust the heat level to accommodate your hair type and achieve quick results.

More Andis styling products

We carry a range of Andis hairstyling appliances here at There are a number of Andis hair dryers, including a styler dryer that includes comb and brush attachments so you can style your hair as you dry it. You can also find Andis electric shavers, clippers and trimmers. From haircutting kits for various hair types to pet clipper kits, Andis offers hair trimming kits for the entire family.

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