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Angel Perfume

When Thierry Mugler created Angel perfume, he set the gold standard for scents. The combination of a heavenly fragrance with exquisite presentation has blazed a trail that many have followed. This fragrance continues to lead the way by introducing refillable bottles that allow individuals to care for the environment while enjoying their favorite perfume.

Delicious Scents

Angel perfume is created from a unique blend of fruit, floral, and oriental scents to produce a perfume that is as multi-layered as the women who wear it. Delicious top notes of jasmine, bergamot, melon, coconut, cassia, mandarin orange, and cotton candy first catch the attention. They are followed by middle notes of blackberry, peach, plum, orchid, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, rose, honey, red berries, and apricot that delight and tantalize. Lingering base notes of patchouli, amber, vanilla, musk, and tonka bean complete this perfume's distinctive signature. The result is a sumptuous scent that evokes both a fun, flirty innocence and adult sensuality.

Vary the Intensity

From the heady scent of eau de parfum through to the lighter notes of eau de toilette, you can choose the intensity of Angel perfume that suits your mood. This luscious scent is also available in a range of bath and body products that will treat your skin while leaving behind the subtle scent of Angel. Angel perfume will carry you seamlessly from day to night.

Beautiful Bottles

The distinctive Angel perfume bottles are works of art in their own right. They are carefully crafted to reflect light and shadow off their many facets. They are then hand-polished to perfection. No two bottles are identical, due to the method of manufacture. Every beautiful bottle is as unique as the dazzling stars that they embody. The delicate blue tone of Angel perfume reflects the blue of the sky from which the stars are plucked.

Refillable Options

Because of the unique nature of Angel perfume bottles, women often become very attached to them. Now they can use them forever by taking advantage of Angel eco-refills. Rather than replacing the bottle every time they run out of scent, women can purchase eco-refills and replenish their perfume.