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Bag of Candy

Everyone needs a sweet treat every now and again! A piece of candy can help to brighten your day and make for a tasty midday snack or dessert after a meal. Whatever your favorite variety of candy may be, you can stock up on it with ease.

Types of Candy in Bags

Many different types of candies are offered in bags to meet your needs. If you like hard candies, you can find large bags of individually wrapped treats that you can savor yourself or share. Chocolate lovers can find bags of bite-sized candies and individually fun-sized candies to enjoy. Toffees, caramels, nut candies and jellybeans can be purchased in candy bags either loose or individually wrapped. Purchasing a bag of candy can help you stock up for yourself or give you plenty to use to fill a candy dish or bowl or to distribute for a party or trick-or-treating.

Special Candy Varieties

Even if you have unique dietary needs, you can still enjoy the simple pleasure of eating a piece of candy. Sugar-free products are available for those following diabetic diets. You can also find candy products that are made from all-natural ingredients or that carry organic certification. These products are ideal for those who can't tolerate certain man-made ingredients or who prefer completely natural food diets.

Comparing Sizes of Candy Bags

As you search for bags of candy, it's important to keep the sizes of the bags in mind. Bags vary in size from single-serving packages to large bulk packages. The number of ounces of candy that a bag contains can give you some clue as to how much you'll be getting from a particular product. You can also check out the nutritional information provided on the product pages to find out how many servings of candy one bag contains.

Finding Your Favorites

Have a favorite candy brand? You can quickly narrow your search and see what's available to tease your taste buds. Just click the check box on the left-hand side of the page to shop by band. You can also narrow your search based on candy type to make shopping simpler.

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