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Ankle Wraps

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Ankle wraps

After a strain, sprain or other ankle injury, you can get support and protection from ankle wraps. These ankle supports can be lightweight enough to fit inside your shoes, yet strong enough to help prevent further injury and relieve discomfort. Choose an ankle wrap from brand Futuro or Champion in a size that will properly fit your ankle and foot.

Other stabilizers

Whether you need a lightweight ankle wrap or the rigid control of an ankle stirrup, you can find helpful support. Some ankle stabilizers are made for either the left or right ankle, while others can be used on either foot. You can choose an ankle support brace that fits your shoe size or one that is sized by the circumference of your ankle. Lace up ankle stabilizers can offer a snug fit, and can be made with comfortable materials that fit inside many athletic shoes.

For your fitness

The sports and fitness section of our health and well-being department also features other types of braces and supports. You'll find thigh braces, knee braces and braces for the wrist as well as shoulder and back support. You can also browse sports nutrition, fitness equipment and workout accessories for help staying active.

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